TS4 – Introducing Ashton Rayne

Awhile back on The Rantings, I confessed to a spur-of-the-moment purchase of The Sims 4, even though I said I wasn’t going to get it. However, I did and while I’m not nearly as addicted at this point as I would be (or was) with other games in the francishe, I have spent a bit of time screwing around on it here and there.

So I figured, I’d share a little bit of that experience with you. If you’re not a Sims fan or you hate The Sims 4, now might be the time to turn away. However, if you’re a little bit of a Simmer yourself, enjoy!

Ashton Rayne - In the Beginning...

Ashton Rayne – In the Beginning…

Meet Ashton Rayne (yes, it’s no coincidence that we share the same last name… *smiles*). I was massively inspired by The Sims 4 Legacy Challenge and while I’m most likely not going to play exactly to the rules of the challenge and I’m definitely not keeping track of any score, I did follow the first few steps of the challenge (including moving my “founder” into a 50×50 lot, leaving me with 10, 000 Simoleons, of which I spent $8, 200 on the Knight of the Octagon Table Armor Suit).

I do plan to follow some of the other challenge rules. For example, I plan on using the Succession Laws as a foundation for advancing through generations of this game. I plan to have my heirs be the first-born females, and I do not want to have any generation adopt children. After that, I just plan on playing and not so much following the guidelines to the actual challenge, but more making it up as I go along.

Ashton at The Future's Past Museum

Ashton at The Future’s Past Museum

Ashton Rayne, who is my official founder (i.e. 1st Generation) – shown above at The Future’s Past Museum on her first travel around the map, is a creative genius who is a bit of a bookworm and aspires to become a famous author.

So far, she’s gotten a job in the Writer career and earned her first promotion to Blogger, she’s written a total of three books so far, which include two children’s books and a collection of short stories. She’s even checked a couple of other things off her wishlist.

First, she met her very first Sim, Maranda Dugan. It took no time at all before the two were becoming best friends in the wee hours of the night, as Ashton learnt that Maranda was a gloomy and active romantic.

Then, just wandering around outside of her house, Ashton was absolutely starstruck to see the infamous Mortimer Goth walking around. She just couldn’t resist strolling up to introduce herself.

Meeting Mortimer Goth

Meeting Mortimer Goth

Finally, she added to the list of places she’s been and things she’s learnt, when she went travelling about town – filling up her friend list and increasing a lot of her skills.

During her comedy performance at The Solar Lounge, a bunch of people streamed in (thank goodness they hadn’t been there earlier when she was practicing the violin for the first time) and she was even joined on stage by the handsome Xzavier Mansfield (who did not suck at all at the violin). The only thing she’s been able to learn about him so far is that he’s mean… Too bad too, because he’s not terrible to look at…

Ashton and Xzavier's Performance at The Solar Lounge

Ashton and Xzavier’s Performance at The Solar Lounge

Well, that’s basically all Ashton has done so far. I hope you enjoyed meeting Ashton Rayne, my sister from another mister (you know, the one in Sims-ville). And if you’d like to see more from this altered legacy challenge, give this post a like and I’ll be sure to update the next time I play.

Finally, here’s some of my stats so far…


Meals Cooked: 2
Showers Taken: 3
Bathroom Breaks: 10
Times Asleep: 20
Times Passed Out: 1
Total Whims Completed: 23

Household Collections

Fossils: 1/15
Elements: 4/15
Crystals: 2/20
Metals: 4/20
MySims Tropies: 3/20


Sim Feats > Introvert
Have a Sim do nothing social for 24 hours

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