TS4 – The Rayne Household: Build Progression Pt. 1

A couple days ago, I posted an introduction to my new Sims 4 legacy-esque creation of my founder, Ashton Rayne. She’s moving on up in the world and has finally built some solid walls for her house. Today, I’d love to show you some of the progress Ashton has made.

It started, rather drearily, with just a rustic layout of the bed, fridge, toilet, sink and bath. Nothing too spectacular. One by one, the walls and other necessities were added.

Then, after earning two promotions rather quickly, Ashton was able to really get the walls up for all the rooms, officially making her first strides towards the completion of the Rayne Household.

Lastly, Ashton finished painting all the walls, adding doors and windows and even designing the roof. Then, we worked on yard landscaping and ended up with the beautiful vision that is now The Rayne Household.

As more and more money flows into Ashton’s household, she is continuing to build onto the house and is working on saving up to build an exercise studio and a study – while also upgrading all the current equipment in the house, like the electronics and appliances.

Stay tuned to see more Build Progress and be sure to check out more from my TS4 adventure.

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