TS4 – Ashton’s In Love!!

It’s been about a week since I started playing my legacy-esque game on The Sims 4. My founder, Ashton Rayne, is a creative genius and a total bookworm who aspires to be a famous author. Over the past week, she’s been promoted numerous times (including officially picking the author branch of her career) and most recently has fallen in love. She’s also published over 10 different books and done a couple other cool things.

In my last post, I showed you the progression of The Rayne Household, which seems to have changed again! Now, Ashton’s got a fully functional backyard and soon will be building the perfect spot to get engaged and married. It’s an exciting time for Ashton!

Ashton meets Walker

Ashton meets Walker

Ashton met Walker Gould at The Solar Lounge, her favorite spot in Oasis Springs, and he mixed her up a delicious drink. Although her and Walker share the bookworm trait, it took them a little bit to hit it off. But once they did, it didn’t take long for them to go on their first date.

Since that first date, Ashton and Walker have been on many dates.


It didn’t take long before Ashton decided it was time to get serious and ask Walker to be her boyfriend.

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They’ve been seeing each other daily ever since and Walker’s even stayed the night at Ashton’s house a couple times. After long talks and tons of cuddling, Ashton felt ready to WooHoo with Walker and the VIP Champagne Buckets sure helped them both get in the mood!

That night’s sleep was the best Ashton’s had yet!

Best Sleep Ever!

Best Sleep Ever!

Now, it’s officially one of Ashton’s whims to get engaged to Walker. I think she’s going to do it on her next days off of work and maybe throw a party. What guy doesn’t want to be proposed to in front of all his friends in a newly built backyard wedding room?

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