Ashton Rayne - Formal 2

TS4 – Goodbye Rayne, Hello Starting Over…

What a horrible day today…

I’ve spent pretty much all darn day on The Sims 4. I re-built The Rayne Household, which took me so darn long it was ridiculous. I just couldn’t get it right if my life depended on it. Even the finished product is missing a bunch of things…

I’m almost sure that I saved at this point. But my game had been lagging dramatically since I had first started playing. I’m sure I saved…

Then, Thunder had a birthday that went unnoticed. It wasn’t really anyone’s fault. We all knew it was 2 days away and then all of a sudden, it was time to age up. Normally, I get the “birthday in 2 days” notice and bake a cake and get that party started. Somehow, none of that happened.

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Maybe it was the fashion show that I decided to make the family have…

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All of a sudden, I couldn’t save my game. It just kept saying it was in a state that could not be saved. It was stuck on Thunder aging up and when I tried to fix it, it just made him an adult – but without any of the usual fun that comes with becoming an adult. He was still teenage Thunder, and I couldn’t save the game.

In a very drastic and sudden move, at the idea of losing hours upon hours of gameplay once more, I quickly exited the game, realized how much time I had just lost, and deleted every single save of The Rayne Household.

I’m sick of the glitches and I want to play with all the knowledge I now have about the game, instead of learning it over time during what I think is one of the hardest things in the world to do – play a family over and over and over and over again…

So, today I say “Goodbye Ashton, Walker, Rain, Thunder, Aria and all the Rayne babies that no longer exist” and I say “Hello to a brand new day, this time, in Willow Creek!”…

The Pool - Full View

TS4 – Various Builds in Willow Creek

I have been spending way too much time on The Sims 4 these last few days. Yes, I’ve still been working hard on The Rayne Household but I’ve also been sidetracked quite a few times.

I spent a good few hours in the forums the other day, partially because it’s a good way to get updates about the game (and with the recent addition of pools, I wanted to be updated) but mostly because I have been trying to get enough points to officially be considered a member, so that I can start posting links and images… I’m about 25 points away still…

However, trolling the forums got me really excited about building, especially after reading through some tutorials and browing the gallery for inspiration. I decided to start a new game just so that I could experiment with various builds. So today, I’d like to show you some of what I’ve been up to.

The Pool - Full View

The Pool – Full View

First, I wanted to experiment with the pools and so I built a public pool/park. It’s the only build on this list that is completely done, decorations and all. It’s got a handful of fountains, is secluded by these wonderful trees and has two private pools, an indoor/outdoor pool and a rooftop pool.

Then, I began work on my library. Thank goodness it gives you an unlimited amount of money, because the computers alone in this building brought the price up by almost $100,000!!

After the pool and the library, I decided it was time to get started on the Nightclub, Lounge and Bar. I decided to put all of these place on bigger lots than they originally appeared on and made them much bigger and cooler. First, I did my bar, which was a quick and easy build:

My nightclub was a fun build, especially being that I experimented with roof styles for the first time in a long time. I still have a lot of small stuff to add to this and some details like rugs and such are missing, but I just finished the exterior and such today.

The dance floor is on the main level, then there’s a pretty sexy dining hall and finally the VIP lounge with live music and cards.

Finally, and a place I’d love to visit in real life, is my Lounge. It was my first time experimenting with the counters and the various ways you can position them if you turn the auto counters off. The roof was also a crazy experimentation that turned out better than I thought it would.

The Lounge

The Lounge

I still have quite a few little details to add to this one as well, and tons of landscaping left to do, but I’m leaving it for now while I finish up at least the skeletons of all the other buildings that I’m changing in Willow Creek.

Now that those buildings are all done, I just have a couple more to do. Next up, I’ll be working on the gym, which I’m planning to make some lane-inspired pools. Then, I’ve got a museum to work on and the big park which I don’t know for sure if I’m going to change yet… I’m also going to make an arcade, which isn’t actually a lot type, but I’m just going to wing it.

Then I’ve got 15 houses to build, and I kind of plan on making families for each of those places. My original family for this one is like a gaming team, they all have the exact same traits (Bro, Geek and Lazy), so it should be interesting if I ever get past the build part to actually playing.

I do have some posts planned to update you on The Rayne Household, just have to remember to start taking screenshots. Unfortunately, with everyone aging up so closely to one another, there’s a lot of unhappiness in the house right now and everyone is feeling mighty uncomfortable.

So, out of the builds above, which one is your favorite and why?

The Rayne Family

TS4 – 1st Generation Children: 2 Spares and 1 Heir

It’s been quite a few days since I last played. Lots of house-cleaning, lots of family-related outings for Carter’s fifth birthday and barely any time on my computer. So a couple days back, The Boyfriend begged to be allowed to play Project Spark and after much procrastination, I finally made my way back to my Sims 4 legacy-esque challenge.

Ashton and Walker Get Engaged!

Ashton and Walker Get Engaged!

In case you’ve missed it, I started with my founder Ashton Rayne –  a creative genius who loves books and aspired to become a famous author. She quickly fell in love with Walker Gould and they immediately began working towards building their family.

She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl...

She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl…

A major glitch caused the first baby Walker and Ashton had together to disappear (RIP Riley Rayne), but it didn’t take long for them to have their first non-glitch baby, a boy they named Rain. After Rain, they gave birth to Thunder and then they had 5 babies born as boys in a row. At this point, I said “Screw it, I’m not playing the real legacy challenge anyways” and deleted those five boys and finally, Ashton and Walker tried one last time.

From left to right: Thunder, Aria and Rain

From left to right: Thunder, Aria and Rain

Imagine my excitement, just as I’d resigned myself to never having an heir, when our first-born female (and official heir of the 2nd generation), Aria Rayne was born. Aria knew from a very young age that she wanted to be a musician and today, only a day after aging up to a teenager, she is working her way towards that goal. Although her big focus right now is school (and tons of extra credit work) and her new job as a Sales Floor Clerk, she is spending all her free time working on learning the piano and fiddling around with her violin.

Currently, each of my Sims is working on different things. Ashton is desperately trying to get to Level 10 of the Author Branch of the Writing career, however she is not doing so well at it because she can’t seem to stay happy if her life depended on it. She also has the aspiration to “beat writer’s block” and yet can’t figure out a single activity to erradicate it. She keeps getting promoted to novelist and then demoted to short story writer and has been going back and forth between those two career posts for the last long while of playing.

Walker completed the Master Chef branch of the Culinary career and all it took is three birthday parties and a fridge full of gourmet meals! After he completed that career milestone, he picked a new career and is now working towards becoming an Astronaut and since he completed his dream of becoming a Master Chef, he’s now wanting to become a Bodybuilder.

Rain was recently hired as Barista, which works out great because his big aspiration is to become a Master Mixologist. Thunder wants to become a Tech Guru, so is working on hard on programming and hacking, although he’s working as a Manual Labourer currently.

After playing way too many hours today, I began to rebuild the house that I was not so happy with anymore. It was great for when all the kids were children, but now that they’re teenagers, it’s just not flowing with us very well. Plus, I barely had any place to put decorative items and it turns out that unless you sell a lot of those, you get a lot of them. I don’t want to sell them, I want to hoard them. So, a rebuild of the house was necessary.

I started out with a house that looked like this and $100,000:

The Rayne Household - Front Aerial View

The Rayne Household – Front Aerial View

Then, I deleted everything and sold most of my belongings, which left me with about $300,000. I’ve completed a kitchen, dining room, entertainment room, living room and two outdoor living spaces and have about $600 leftover. I still have two floors left to finish and only one bed between five Sims… However, now my house is looking like this:

The Rayne Household - Front Aerial View

The Rayne Household – Front Aerial View

So that’s what I’ve gotten done in my Sims 4 legacy-esque challenge. The next couple of game days will be all about raising up my money again to be able to continue with the build of my house, that way I can give you all some nice progression shots.

And now, for some awesome stats (there’s a lot of them!)…


Meals Cooked: 52
Showers Taken: 127
Times Kissed: 54
Social Events Attented: 19
Times WooHooed: 30
Meals Eaten: 300
Times Asleep: 319
Times Passed Out: 27
Fires Witnessed: 1
Total Whims Completed: 251


Meals Cooked: 150
Showers Taken: 79
Times Kissed: 28
Social Events Attented: 14
Times WooHooed: 26
Meals Eaten: 178
Times Asleep: 179
Times Passed Out: 6
Fires Witnessed: 1
Total Whims Completed: 201

See Past Stats: [1][2], [3]
See Past Stats: [1]

Ashton’s Skills

Charisma: 10
Comedy: 8
Cooking: 10
Fishing: 3
Fitness: 9
Gardening: 1
Gourmet Cooking: 5
Guitar: 4
Handiness: 10
Logic: 5
Mischief: 1
Mixology: 5
Painting: 6
Piano: 4
Programming: 5
Rocket Science: 7
Video Gaming: 9
Violin: 6
Writing: 10

Walker’s Skills

Charisma: 8
Comedy: 6
Cooking: 10
Fishing: 1
Fitness: 7
Gardening: 5
Gourmet Cooking: 10
Guitar: 3
Handiness: 6
Logic: 3
Mischief: 2
Mixology: 10
Painting: 2
Piano: 3
Programming: 2
Rocket Science: 8
Video Gaming: 8

See Past Stats: [1][2], [3]
See Past Stats: [1]


Showers Taken: 37
Social Events Attented: 9
Meals Eaten: 87
Times Asleep: 96
Times Passed Out: 2
Fires Witnessed: 1
Total Whims Completed: 135


Showers Taken: 24
Social Events Attented: 8
Meals Eaten: 78
Times Asleep: 83
Times Passed Out: 2
Total Whims Completed: 131

Rain’s Skills

Charisma: 2
Comedy: 3
Cooking: 1
Fitness: 4
Gourmet Cooking: 1
Handiness: 1
Logic: 3
Mischief: 1
Mixology: 5
Rocket Science: 1
Video Gaming: 4

Thunder’s Skills

Charisma: 3
Comedy: 2
Cooking: 1
Fitness: 2
Gardening: 1
Handiness: 1
Programming: 6
Video Gaming: 5
Writing: 1


Showers Taken: 21
Social Events Attented: 7
Meals Eaten: 71
Times Asleep: 73
Total Whims Completed: 128

Aria’s Skills

Charisma: 4
Comedy: 1
Cooking: 1
Fitness: 2
Guitar: 3
Logic: 1
Painting: 3
Piano: 5
Video Gaming: 2
Violin: 6

Household Collections

Frogs: 9/25
Gardening: 14/31
MySims Trophies: 12/20
Metals: 11/20
Crystals: 10/20
Elements: 11/15
Postcards: 10/14
Fossils: 4/15
Microscope Prints: 3/12
Space Prints: 2/15
Aliens: 8/10
Space Rocks: 3/4
Fish: 4/22


Sim Feats

  • Older & Wiser
    Have a Sim age up.
  • On a Whim
    Have a Sim complete 10 Whims at a single social event.
  • The Most Interesting Sim in the World
    Have a Sim with 12 or more traits.
  • What makes a Sim turn neutral?
    Have a Sim stay in the Fine emotion for 48 straight Sim hours.

Skills & Crafting

  • Beyond Repairs
    Have a Sim reach max level in the Handiness skill.
  • Connoisseurus Rex
    Have a Sim reach max level in the Gourmet Cooking skill.
  • Green Thumb
    Have a Sim reach max level in the Gardening skill.
  • I’m the Mix Master
    Mix 100 drinks.
  • Tender Loving
    Have a Sim reach max level in the Mixology skill.
See Past Collections: [1], [2][3]
See Past Achievements: [1], [2][3]

P.S: If you have any suggestions for things you’d like to see from this legacy-esque challenge (like specific pictures or video captures or anything like that), please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and let me know about it.


The Rayne Household - Front Aerial View

TS4 – Build Progression Pt. 2 and Engagement Announcement

I haven’t been getting on The Sims 4 very much to play my legacy-esque challenge lately, but I did play for about two hours the other day and struggled to get anywhere for almost the whole time. Ashton was just not a happy camper – plus, a glitch (that’s now been fixed), resulted in me losing the first 10 books that she wrote (although I was still being credited with the level ups that resulted from that), so I wasn’t earning any royalties on those books.

However, after two hours of playing and then falling asleep and then playing for a little bit longer, Ashton was able to get enough money into the house to make a couple rooms bigger and finish her outdoor areas plus… Drumroll please…


Ashton and Walker Get Engaged!

Ashton and Walker Get Engaged!

If you’re not sure why this is an exciting thing, it’s because it’s my first generation Sims getting married, which means I’ll now be able to have two Sims have a baby, which means that I’ll officially be bringing in the potentials for my second generation! That means that the legacy-esque challenge continues!

If you remember from the intro post, I’m going with a Strict Traditional Matriarchy for my succession laws – meaning that only the first-born females are eligible to become heirs.

Let’s start with the build progress. As you remember, this is what we started with (when we finally got a roof):

The Rayne Household - Aerial View

The Rayne Household – Aerial View

And this is The Rayne Household today:

The kitchen and living room have both been expanded and decorated, a study has been added along with a game room (which currently has chess and a card table), and an exercise studio (which is still kind of in-progress), plus the entire backyard has been added to.

So, I said once the wedding area was built, Ashton would begin working her way into the heart of Walker Gould and she’s been incredibly successful. She’s serenaded him, shared her dreams with him and on their fourth official date (they went to the Museum in Willow Creek), they reached a new level in their budding relationship.

Now, it’s all about keeping their relationship levels up so that we can throw a party and get married. Once we’re married, the goal will be to have a baby – which involves building another room onto the ever-expanding Affluista Mansion.

Finally, an update on stats…


Meals Cooked: 37
Showers Taken: 36
Times Kissed: 29
Social Events Attented: 4
Times WooHooed: 4
Meals Eaten: 109
Times Asleep: 117
Times Passed Out: 10
Total Whims Completed: 116

Ashton’s Skills

Charisma: 9
Comedy: 7
Cooking: 7
Fishing: 2
Fitness: 6
Gardening: 6
Gourmet Cooking: 3
Guitar: 2
Handiness: 6
Logic: 2
Mischief: 1
Mixology: 2
Painting: 3
Piano: 1
Programming: 5
Video Gaming: 6
Violin: 3
Writing: 9

Household Collections

Frogs: 7/25
Gardening: 8/31
MySims Trophies: 10/20
Metals: 9/20
Crystals: 6/20
Elements: 9/15
Postcards: 4/14
Fossils: 2/15
Fish: 3/22


Player Feats > Just Getting Started
Play The Sims 4 for 5 hours.

Player Feats > Whimsical
Complete 100 Whims across all Sims.

Sim Feats > All Nighter
Have a Sim stay awake for 24 straight Sim hours.


TS4 – The Rayne Household: Build Progression Pt. 1

A couple days ago, I posted an introduction to my new Sims 4 legacy-esque creation of my founder, Ashton Rayne. She’s moving on up in the world and has finally built some solid walls for her house. Today, I’d love to show you some of the progress Ashton has made.

It started, rather drearily, with just a rustic layout of the bed, fridge, toilet, sink and bath. Nothing too spectacular. One by one, the walls and other necessities were added.

Then, after earning two promotions rather quickly, Ashton was able to really get the walls up for all the rooms, officially making her first strides towards the completion of the Rayne Household.

Lastly, Ashton finished painting all the walls, adding doors and windows and even designing the roof. Then, we worked on yard landscaping and ended up with the beautiful vision that is now The Rayne Household.

As more and more money flows into Ashton’s household, she is continuing to build onto the house and is working on saving up to build an exercise studio and a study – while also upgrading all the current equipment in the house, like the electronics and appliances.

Stay tuned to see more Build Progress and be sure to check out more from my TS4 adventure.