Drumroll please...

TS4 – Introducing Rain Rayne: My First Spare

After the horribleness that happened, I’ve been saving like a maniac, trying to remember to do it constantly. Because picking up the hours of lost work was a serious pain in the butt. And almost all of the advances I had made in those hours, I could not seem to replicate if my life depended on it.

I lost my first baby, a girl, who would’ve been my heir thanks to the glitch. The Boyfriend and I are constantly fake crying over it – everytime he mentions this baby. After the glitch, my only goal was to get Ashton and Walker to have a baby. It won’t be long before they’re aging up and I don’t want them to get to the point where they can’t give me an heir – because I don’t even know what happens if that happens…

So, she got pregnant again and in about 3 or 4 Sims days, was popping out her first boy (a spare), who she called Rain Rayne.

She’s also built a rocket ship and both her and Walker have gone on multiple space explorations. Ashton also got promoted then demoted and promoted again to a Novelist and Walker is quickly moving up the ranks of his brand new career as a Master Chef. Other than that, the both of them  have been working hard on improving their skills.

Finally, I had mentioned a few post backs that Ashton was finally getting married to Walker (after a long time of trying), and I completely forgot to show off the pictures. Partially because it was a rather terrible wedding – we only got a silver medal and not one of the guests was actually present during the ceremony… Little bit embarassing 😉

And now, an update on Stats…


Meals Cooked: 40
Showers Taken: 63
Times Kissed: 39
Social Events Attented: 7
Times WooHooed: 13*
Meals Eaten: 172
Times Asleep: 171
Times Passed Out: 13
Total Whims Completed: 151

Ashton’s Skills

Charisma: 10
Comedy: 7
Cooking: 8
Fishing: 2
Fitness: 7
Gardening: 8
Gourmet Cooking: 3
Guitar: 3
Handiness: 7
Logic: 4
Mischief: 1
Mixology: 3
Painting: 3
Piano: 2
Programming: 6
Rocket Science: 6
Video Gaming: 7
Violin: 3
Writing: 10


Meals Cooked: 41
Showers Taken:20
Times Kissed: 6
Social Events Attented: 2
Times WooHooed: 9*
Meals Eaten: 51
Times Asleep: 50
Times Passed Out: 2
Total Whims Completed: 56

Walker’s Skills

Charisma: 4
Comedy: 4
Cooking: 10
Fitness: 2
Gardening: 3
Gourmet Cooking: 3
Guitar: 1
Handiness: 4
Logic: 1
Mischief: 1
Mixology: 9
Piano: 1
Programming: 5
Rocket Science: 5
Video Gaming: 4
Violin: 2

* Ashton has only ever WooHooed with Walker, and yet their numbers are completely different here. I’m assuming this is because they WooHooed before he actually became part of her household, so those number wouldn’t be counted. I’m not sure though…

Household Collections

Frogs: 8/25
Gardening: 14/31
MySims Trophies: 10/20
Metals: 9/20
Crystals: 7/20
Elements: 10/15
Postcards: 6/14
Fossils: 2/15
Microscope Prints: 2/12
Aliens: 2/10
Space Rocks: 1/4
Fish: 3/22


Player Feats

  • In the Game
    Play The Sims 4 for 24 hours.
  • Just Getting Started
    Play The Sims 4 for 5 hours.
  • Whimsical
    Complete 100 whims across all Sims.


  • 50 Mile High Club
    WooHoo in a Rocket Ship.

Sim Feats

  • All Nighter
    Have a Sim stay awake for 24 straight Sim hours.
  • Introvert
    Have a Sim do nothing social for 24 hours.

Skills & Crafting

  • Literal Genius
    Have a Sim reach max level in the Writing skill.
  • Smooth Talker
    Have a Sim reach max level in the Charisma skill.
  • Splice of Life
    Unlock a new plant type through grafting.
  • Tungsten Chef
    Have a Sim reach max level in the Cooking skill.
She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl...

So… This Just Happened…

There was so much that Ashton had done today, that is just now lost. Everything from Walker finally moving in (days after they were officially married) to them having their first baby…

RIP Riley Rayne

The Rayne Household - Front Aerial View

TS4 – Build Progression Pt. 2 and Engagement Announcement

I haven’t been getting on The Sims 4 very much to play my legacy-esque challenge lately, but I did play for about two hours the other day and struggled to get anywhere for almost the whole time. Ashton was just not a happy camper – plus, a glitch (that’s now been fixed), resulted in me losing the first 10 books that she wrote (although I was still being credited with the level ups that resulted from that), so I wasn’t earning any royalties on those books.

However, after two hours of playing and then falling asleep and then playing for a little bit longer, Ashton was able to get enough money into the house to make a couple rooms bigger and finish her outdoor areas plus… Drumroll please…


Ashton and Walker Get Engaged!

Ashton and Walker Get Engaged!

If you’re not sure why this is an exciting thing, it’s because it’s my first generation Sims getting married, which means I’ll now be able to have two Sims have a baby, which means that I’ll officially be bringing in the potentials for my second generation! That means that the legacy-esque challenge continues!

If you remember from the intro post, I’m going with a Strict Traditional Matriarchy for my succession laws – meaning that only the first-born females are eligible to become heirs.

Let’s start with the build progress. As you remember, this is what we started with (when we finally got a roof):

The Rayne Household - Aerial View

The Rayne Household – Aerial View

And this is The Rayne Household today:

The kitchen and living room have both been expanded and decorated, a study has been added along with a game room (which currently has chess and a card table), and an exercise studio (which is still kind of in-progress), plus the entire backyard has been added to.

So, I said once the wedding area was built, Ashton would begin working her way into the heart of Walker Gould and she’s been incredibly successful. She’s serenaded him, shared her dreams with him and on their fourth official date (they went to the Museum in Willow Creek), they reached a new level in their budding relationship.

Now, it’s all about keeping their relationship levels up so that we can throw a party and get married. Once we’re married, the goal will be to have a baby – which involves building another room onto the ever-expanding Affluista Mansion.

Finally, an update on stats…


Meals Cooked: 37
Showers Taken: 36
Times Kissed: 29
Social Events Attented: 4
Times WooHooed: 4
Meals Eaten: 109
Times Asleep: 117
Times Passed Out: 10
Total Whims Completed: 116

Ashton’s Skills

Charisma: 9
Comedy: 7
Cooking: 7
Fishing: 2
Fitness: 6
Gardening: 6
Gourmet Cooking: 3
Guitar: 2
Handiness: 6
Logic: 2
Mischief: 1
Mixology: 2
Painting: 3
Piano: 1
Programming: 5
Video Gaming: 6
Violin: 3
Writing: 9

Household Collections

Frogs: 7/25
Gardening: 8/31
MySims Trophies: 10/20
Metals: 9/20
Crystals: 6/20
Elements: 9/15
Postcards: 4/14
Fossils: 2/15
Fish: 3/22


Player Feats > Just Getting Started
Play The Sims 4 for 5 hours.

Player Feats > Whimsical
Complete 100 Whims across all Sims.

Sim Feats > All Nighter
Have a Sim stay awake for 24 straight Sim hours.

Ashton serenades Walker

TS4 – Ashton’s In Love!!

It’s been about a week since I started playing my legacy-esque game on The Sims 4. My founder, Ashton Rayne, is a creative genius and a total bookworm who aspires to be a famous author. Over the past week, she’s been promoted numerous times (including officially picking the author branch of her career) and most recently has fallen in love. She’s also published over 10 different books and done a couple other cool things.

In my last post, I showed you the progression of The Rayne Household, which seems to have changed again! Now, Ashton’s got a fully functional backyard and soon will be building the perfect spot to get engaged and married. It’s an exciting time for Ashton!

Ashton meets Walker

Ashton meets Walker

Ashton met Walker Gould at The Solar Lounge, her favorite spot in Oasis Springs, and he mixed her up a delicious drink. Although her and Walker share the bookworm trait, it took them a little bit to hit it off. But once they did, it didn’t take long for them to go on their first date.

Since that first date, Ashton and Walker have been on many dates.


It didn’t take long before Ashton decided it was time to get serious and ask Walker to be her boyfriend.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

They’ve been seeing each other daily ever since and Walker’s even stayed the night at Ashton’s house a couple times. After long talks and tons of cuddling, Ashton felt ready to WooHoo with Walker and the VIP Champagne Buckets sure helped them both get in the mood!

That night’s sleep was the best Ashton’s had yet!

Best Sleep Ever!

Best Sleep Ever!

Now, it’s officially one of Ashton’s whims to get engaged to Walker. I think she’s going to do it on her next days off of work and maybe throw a party. What guy doesn’t want to be proposed to in front of all his friends in a newly built backyard wedding room?


TS4 – The Rayne Household: Build Progression Pt. 1

A couple days ago, I posted an introduction to my new Sims 4 legacy-esque creation of my founder, Ashton Rayne. She’s moving on up in the world and has finally built some solid walls for her house. Today, I’d love to show you some of the progress Ashton has made.

It started, rather drearily, with just a rustic layout of the bed, fridge, toilet, sink and bath. Nothing too spectacular. One by one, the walls and other necessities were added.

Then, after earning two promotions rather quickly, Ashton was able to really get the walls up for all the rooms, officially making her first strides towards the completion of the Rayne Household.

Lastly, Ashton finished painting all the walls, adding doors and windows and even designing the roof. Then, we worked on yard landscaping and ended up with the beautiful vision that is now The Rayne Household.

As more and more money flows into Ashton’s household, she is continuing to build onto the house and is working on saving up to build an exercise studio and a study – while also upgrading all the current equipment in the house, like the electronics and appliances.

Stay tuned to see more Build Progress and be sure to check out more from my TS4 adventure.

Ashton Rayne

TS4 – Introducing Ashton Rayne

Awhile back on The Rantings, I confessed to a spur-of-the-moment purchase of The Sims 4, even though I said I wasn’t going to get it. However, I did and while I’m not nearly as addicted at this point as I would be (or was) with other games in the francishe, I have spent a bit of time screwing around on it here and there.

So I figured, I’d share a little bit of that experience with you. If you’re not a Sims fan or you hate The Sims 4, now might be the time to turn away. However, if you’re a little bit of a Simmer yourself, enjoy!

Ashton Rayne - In the Beginning...

Ashton Rayne – In the Beginning…

Meet Ashton Rayne (yes, it’s no coincidence that we share the same last name… *smiles*). I was massively inspired by The Sims 4 Legacy Challenge and while I’m most likely not going to play exactly to the rules of the challenge and I’m definitely not keeping track of any score, I did follow the first few steps of the challenge (including moving my “founder” into a 50×50 lot, leaving me with 10, 000 Simoleons, of which I spent $8, 200 on the Knight of the Octagon Table Armor Suit).

I do plan to follow some of the other challenge rules. For example, I plan on using the Succession Laws as a foundation for advancing through generations of this game. I plan to have my heirs be the first-born females, and I do not want to have any generation adopt children. After that, I just plan on playing and not so much following the guidelines to the actual challenge, but more making it up as I go along.

Ashton at The Future's Past Museum

Ashton at The Future’s Past Museum

Ashton Rayne, who is my official founder (i.e. 1st Generation) – shown above at The Future’s Past Museum on her first travel around the map, is a creative genius who is a bit of a bookworm and aspires to become a famous author.

So far, she’s gotten a job in the Writer career and earned her first promotion to Blogger, she’s written a total of three books so far, which include two children’s books and a collection of short stories. She’s even checked a couple of other things off her wishlist.

First, she met her very first Sim, Maranda Dugan. It took no time at all before the two were becoming best friends in the wee hours of the night, as Ashton learnt that Maranda was a gloomy and active romantic.

Then, just wandering around outside of her house, Ashton was absolutely starstruck to see the infamous Mortimer Goth walking around. She just couldn’t resist strolling up to introduce herself.

Meeting Mortimer Goth

Meeting Mortimer Goth

Finally, she added to the list of places she’s been and things she’s learnt, when she went travelling about town – filling up her friend list and increasing a lot of her skills.

During her comedy performance at The Solar Lounge, a bunch of people streamed in (thank goodness they hadn’t been there earlier when she was practicing the violin for the first time) and she was even joined on stage by the handsome Xzavier Mansfield (who did not suck at all at the violin). The only thing she’s been able to learn about him so far is that he’s mean… Too bad too, because he’s not terrible to look at…

Ashton and Xzavier's Performance at The Solar Lounge

Ashton and Xzavier’s Performance at The Solar Lounge

Well, that’s basically all Ashton has done so far. I hope you enjoyed meeting Ashton Rayne, my sister from another mister (you know, the one in Sims-ville). And if you’d like to see more from this altered legacy challenge, give this post a like and I’ll be sure to update the next time I play.

Finally, here’s some of my stats so far…


Meals Cooked: 2
Showers Taken: 3
Bathroom Breaks: 10
Times Asleep: 20
Times Passed Out: 1
Total Whims Completed: 23

Household Collections

Fossils: 1/15
Elements: 4/15
Crystals: 2/20
Metals: 4/20
MySims Tropies: 3/20


Sim Feats > Introvert
Have a Sim do nothing social for 24 hours