Evyn Crafting at the Workbench

#TS4 – End Tables and Pirate Ships

I have not been playing nearly enough of The Sims 4. Okay, that’s a bit of a lie. Just not enough of The Rayne Legacy. I went back to it but quickly became bored and then The Boyfriend was a sweetheart and let me buy some other games.

So not only did I get the new “game pack” for The Sims 4 but I also bought myself Hotel Giant 2, which I can waste way too many hours on! Because I bought the game pack though, I had to start a new family so that I could experiment with it right off the bat, because I couldn’t with The Rayne Legacy – it’s just not how I roll!

However, I figured I’d share a little bit of what Evyn, Felicity and Geisha did the last time I played.

First, Evyn bought a workbench. The house is still rather lacking in decorative furniture, so she decided that she would make an end table for the living room area. She started with a few slabs of wood…

And ended up making this beautiful end table:

Evyn's End Table!

Evyn’s End Table!

I wonder what she’ll make next?

Then, the girls were on their way home from school and Evyn decided it would be the perfect time to hop in for a swim, especially being that she was feeling pretty tense. Then the girls got home and they all had fun in the tiny pool.

Finally, Felicity and Geisha both needed to get out of the house for awhile. They had never been to Magnolia Park, so headed down to check out the playground. Not only did they get to meet two new friends but they had a blast playing on the Pirate Ship.

Argh, Matey!

The Pool - Full View

TS4 – Various Builds in Willow Creek

I have been spending way too much time on The Sims 4 these last few days. Yes, I’ve still been working hard on The Rayne Household but I’ve also been sidetracked quite a few times.

I spent a good few hours in the forums the other day, partially because it’s a good way to get updates about the game (and with the recent addition of pools, I wanted to be updated) but mostly because I have been trying to get enough points to officially be considered a member, so that I can start posting links and images… I’m about 25 points away still…

However, trolling the forums got me really excited about building, especially after reading through some tutorials and browing the gallery for inspiration. I decided to start a new game just so that I could experiment with various builds. So today, I’d like to show you some of what I’ve been up to.

The Pool - Full View

The Pool – Full View

First, I wanted to experiment with the pools and so I built a public pool/park. It’s the only build on this list that is completely done, decorations and all. It’s got a handful of fountains, is secluded by these wonderful trees and has two private pools, an indoor/outdoor pool and a rooftop pool.

Then, I began work on my library. Thank goodness it gives you an unlimited amount of money, because the computers alone in this building brought the price up by almost $100,000!!

After the pool and the library, I decided it was time to get started on the Nightclub, Lounge and Bar. I decided to put all of these place on bigger lots than they originally appeared on and made them much bigger and cooler. First, I did my bar, which was a quick and easy build:

My nightclub was a fun build, especially being that I experimented with roof styles for the first time in a long time. I still have a lot of small stuff to add to this and some details like rugs and such are missing, but I just finished the exterior and such today.

The dance floor is on the main level, then there’s a pretty sexy dining hall and finally the VIP lounge with live music and cards.

Finally, and a place I’d love to visit in real life, is my Lounge. It was my first time experimenting with the counters and the various ways you can position them if you turn the auto counters off. The roof was also a crazy experimentation that turned out better than I thought it would.

The Lounge

The Lounge

I still have quite a few little details to add to this one as well, and tons of landscaping left to do, but I’m leaving it for now while I finish up at least the skeletons of all the other buildings that I’m changing in Willow Creek.

Now that those buildings are all done, I just have a couple more to do. Next up, I’ll be working on the gym, which I’m planning to make some lane-inspired pools. Then, I’ve got a museum to work on and the big park which I don’t know for sure if I’m going to change yet… I’m also going to make an arcade, which isn’t actually a lot type, but I’m just going to wing it.

Then I’ve got 15 houses to build, and I kind of plan on making families for each of those places. My original family for this one is like a gaming team, they all have the exact same traits (Bro, Geek and Lazy), so it should be interesting if I ever get past the build part to actually playing.

I do have some posts planned to update you on The Rayne Household, just have to remember to start taking screenshots. Unfortunately, with everyone aging up so closely to one another, there’s a lot of unhappiness in the house right now and everyone is feeling mighty uncomfortable.

So, out of the builds above, which one is your favorite and why?