Tumblr Favorites: Jan. – Apr. 2015 Edition

It’s been quite awhile since I last did a Tumblr favorites post. I officially came back to my Tumblr blog in January and have been trying to get on there at least once a day – although there’s a lot of sexiness there and that can eat up a good portion of your day…

But I thought, four months is the perfect amount to share some of my favorites – especially being that I’ve got about 400 posts to pick from… So enjoy and don’t forget to follow me on Tumblr.

January 2015

February 2015

March 2015

April 2015 (So Far…)

Of course, this is a very small selection and you can find all sorts of stuff on my Tumblr – although big heads up (and if you didn’t realize it yet… well…), everything is very NSFW. I mean, you will find some stuff that is incredibly tame, but for the most part, you’ll find a lot that isn’t.

So please feel free to check out more and follow me on Tumblr and then leave your comments to the questions below!

Leave your comments!

  • What was your favorite image of all my favorites and why?
  • Have you seen my Tumblr? Do you think there’s an image missing from my selection of favorites?
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From September 2014 on Valerie Rayne Tumbles

Tumblr Favorites from July – Sept. 2014

It’s been some months now since I was active on my personal Tumblr, Valerie Rayne Tumbles, and I’ve been missing it like crazy. I plan on getting back to it, just waiting until after Christmas. But tonight, I was updating a couple of things on my theme and decided it would be fun to share some of my favorite posts from that blog with you.

Most of these are images and most of them are probably NSFW, as most things are on that blog…

Best of July 2014


Best of August 2014

Best of September 2014

There’s just a small display of some of my favorites and browsing through my constantly updating feed, there’s so much hottness out there. Well, I hope you enjoyed this little sampling and if you want to see the full-size images, just click on them. Don’t forget to follow me on Tumblr and leave your comments below and let me know which one of these was your favorite!